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Cladding has fast become on of the most popular ways to accentuate the facade of any modern commercial structure. Architects and designers have a multitude of options, when it comes to cladding materials.

One of the most popular choices is that of aluminium composite panels. Cladding essentially protects the exterior and the frame of the building, and are also used extensively as an interior finish in commercial or public buildings. Besides the protection a cladding system has to offer, it also increase the aesthetic appeal of a building.

With the many sizes and finishes to choose from, cladding systems are a logical choice to enhancing the interior and exterior look of your building. Panel Cladding is a lightweight, enamelled finish and water-tight interlocking system. The panel components are the and mm wide interlocking panels which are supported on stringers.

cladding systems pdf

Together with various corners, joints and accessories, the and F Systems can form closed facades, fascias and soffits in a wide range of colours. The aluminium panels are made to measure and can be supplied in any length from up to mm. They are recyclable, lightweight and strong. The panels can be mounted with clamps, which allows for an installation with a mixture of panel widths and curved installations, or on a stringer for fast and parallel installation.

The total system has been tested for weather and wind resistance. It has more detailed info, including diagrams and technical specs.

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Composite Panels are lightweight, rigid and versatile. They will add a low maintenance, UV stable and waterproof finish to any building. Cladding of circular columns, steel and concrete structures is made easy as the panels can be cut, rolled, perforated, folded, punched and drilled.

Composite panels consist of two sheets of aluminium bonded to a fire retardant core. The panel is available in a wide range of standard metallic and non-metallic PVDF paint finishes.

All Pantone colours can be matched in a variety of panel sizes to suit specific contract requirements subject to a minimum order quantity. To view or download more detailed info, including technical specs, diagrams and colour options, click the links below. For more information on facade cladding or composite panels, costing, and how best to incorporate them in your building project, get in touch with our sales team today.

Expertly installed modern architectural glass and aluminium fixtures. From sun louvres and shopfronts to custom-designed facades, we deliver specialised solutions aimed at improved aesthetics, protection and comfort.

Talk to us about your next project. Our friendly sales team will be happy to advise you on the most innovative solutions. Durban or Johannesburg - Call: Ready for a quotation? Click here:. Some of the renowned systems we can offer are: Hunter Douglas F and F Facade systems — see below. Features and Benefits Enhancing the appearance of the building Protecting the structural surfaces of the building from the effects of weathering Insulates against heat loss, thus optimising the energy efficiency of the building Fully concealed fixing Rear ventilation Lightweight construction Non-combustible materials Resistance to industrial pollution Durable and relatively maintenance-free finish Good sound insulator, used for noise suppression Good vibration dampener Has a very high UV value.

Panel Cladding Panel Cladding is a lightweight, enamelled finish and water-tight interlocking system. Aluminium Composite Panels Composite Panels are lightweight, rigid and versatile. Form, Function and Aesthetic Appeal Expertly installed modern architectural glass and aluminium fixtures.The Q-Premium system is a system for horizontal or vertical installation. This system is available in 20, 25 and 30mm thickness.

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Our Q-Premium system got open joints of 10 or 15mm. This system are perfectly for very large panels and for building with very high wind loads. Panel sizes available xmm longer available on request Panels are indivually removable and will be delivered with a subconstruction.

This system is available with stainless steel, zinc or aluminium skins.

cladding systems pdf

The panel is fixed on the length sides on a vertical construction. The Q-Basic system is a very lightweight system and easy to install. The Q-Linex system is a single skin roll-formed panel with hidden fixings. Our roll-formed panels are available in zinc, aluminium and steel in a lot of different colours and finishes. We can also glue an aluminium honeycomb core to the back of the roll-formed sheet to extend the width up to mm.

Thickness depends on the requirements of the projects. Our insulated panels are available in different widths, lengths, shapes and materials.

Architectural Façade

Please get in touch with us for a non standard design of insulated panel. Please contact us if you have any question regarding AFS International products, services or organization. These products are fully designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the client. AFS International is also supplying architectural louvre systems.

These louvres are designed to give the building an asthetic feature. A few examples of available louvre systems are: Extruded Box louvres with fixing system, Sandtrap louvres, aerofoil, twisted, curved and Screens.Made out of a mixture of rice husks, common salt and mineral oil, Resysta contains no wood at all; instead, it makes use of an abundant by-product of rice farming.

Resysta gives the appearance and feel of wood while offering better durability. In accelerated aging testsit lasted the equivalent of fifteen years without noticeable degradation, exceeding the performance of hardwoods and other materials. Not only does it feel like wood, but it can be treated, worked and maintained like wood, too. It can be sanded, sealed or stained for enhanced appearance and even repaired when damaged see our installation guides.

It is also extremely resistant to rot, fungal attacks and even termites. Unlike wood, a facade or deck made of this material will not develop splinters, which is a great safety benefit for the users of the buildings.

Raw materials used: approx.

LEVELe Wall Cladding System

No splintering - No swelling. Resysta has the visual appearance and feel of tropical wood, with absolutely no wood in it. We use a renewable resource that is replaced in short cycles — rice husks. Resysta, a sustainable material provides the benefits of a wood-look product, but without the negative aspects of wood.

No greying or cracking. Recyclable, water resistant and can be stained in over 30 colors. Enjoy Resysta and proudly know, along with us, you are preserving the world in which we live. Companies have committed to recycle leftover waste, such as cuttings or sanding dust, during production, and to take back residues from the markets to return them to the product cycle.

Waste and residues are crushed and reintroduced into the production process. Find all information in our press release. Our operations are operating on our normal schedule. We have promoted and will continue to promote compliance with the guidelines that have been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We do this to protect both our customers and our associates. The nationwide social distancing guidelines have been extended through April 30th. Listed below are some of the measures we have taken to ensure the safety of everyone at our locations:. We are committed to serving our customers and communities during this time of crisis in our country.

We will continue to monitor the guidelines provided by the CDC and will adopt additional precautions as needed. Environmental Impact Made out of a mixture of rice husks, common salt and mineral oil, Resysta contains no wood at all; instead, it makes use of an abundant by-product of rice farming. Material The future formula. Surface treatment Colors and Sealers. We at Resysta believe in keeping our natural resources. Our distributors are continuing to make deliveries from their yards.

Deliveries will remain contactless, with drivers taking delivery photos in lieu of signatures and adhering to the 6 feet social distancing recommendations. Customer copies will be left on the material under the banding. For any project related questions or assistance, please consult your sales representative or local store via phone, text, fax or email to discuss your needs. If available, Whatsapp, Zoom or any other teleconferencing tool can be used to communicate.

Enter your keyword Search.Cladding sheets have become a modern material in both commercial and residential construction and maintaining them effectively has become just as vital as the initial installations.

There are many different types of cladding material and the team here at CJ Coatings Nationwide have discussed each one in detail for your benefit.

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To most people who are unaware of the usage that follows cladding systems, they will assume that they are simply large metallic sheets that are installed onto the commercial framework. In a way, you would be correct, however, cladding sheets and structures have a greater importance and should not be pushed to one side as a basic tool. Cladding sheets are external finishing materials whereby its sole purpose is to ensure that the commercial or residential building they are secured to is correctly protected.

This is completed through on site paint spraying using a variety of application methods. Every metallic cladding sheet that is installed can be considered extremely durable. Each sheet has the potential to last up to fifty years, providing that the materials are well maintained through proper cladding refurbishment and maintenance.

Just like a car — there are many forms of maintenance available and some more important than others. For example a car will need an annual MOT or a basic service to ensure that it is running correctly. Cladding sheets and structures need to have annual assessments usually completed by an employed maintenance manager arranged to ensure that the materials are not showing any signs of wear. If there are any issues that are identified need to be rectified as soon as possible.

The most common forms of cladding maintenance currently in use throughout the UK are cladding cleaning and full on site paint restoration. As we mentioned previously, there are many forms of cladding sheets and products available. It is vital that you have the most suitable form of cladding installed to your building. This makes it easier to maintain and generally lasts a lot longer.

These are the forms of cladding sheets available for installation on commercial and residential sites. When cladding is mentioned, this is traditionally what comes to mind. However, weatherboard cladding is extremely durable and can be installed to a variety of substrates, which makes it perfect for commercial usage. Like any form of cladding; weatherboard cladding needs annual maintenance to ensure that it is kept at its best condition.

Timber based cladding panels are very popular as they give off the feel of traditional timber frames. These are popular is residential structures such as outbuildings.Our sales team is available to assist you with questions about our products, requests for quote, and orders.

Territory Managers are located worldwide to assist with the front-end specification and quoting process, and our in-house Project Sales Coordinators follow your project through from the time you place an order to shipment. Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more. Design Guides are. This version can be completed electronically or printed. Printable Design Guides are. Please only use Adobe Acrobat when filling forms electronically. To complete this form, please open Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, then open the downloaded.

This will ensure your input is saved properly so that we can process your quote request. Using other applications to fill out this form may result in unsaved data. Please email completed forms to sales forms-surfaces. Configurable 3-part CSI specifications that can be pasted directly into project specification documents.

Detailed environmental data compiled for each product, covering materials, processes, packaging, transport and more.

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Overview of our Systems in a page catalog, including product details, application photos, and related surfaces. Comprehensive catalog featuring our architectural surfaces, as well as application photos and related systems. Outdoor Products Architectural Products. Search for:.

Aluminum-framed panels with structural backing and decorative insets form the basis of the system Four distinctive panel styles Wide range of material, finish and pattern combinations from our extensive Surfaces palette Seamlessly integrates with our LightPlane LED Panels System elements include corners, bases and mounting channels Accommodates a wide range of field conditions Easily configured to meet project-specific needs Easy to specify; straightforward to install Coordinates with our LEVELe Columns and LEVELe Elevator Interiors.

Fibre cement cladding: how to design a modern, geometric home

Related Materials. CSI Specs. Environmental Data. Stainless Steel Product Data Sheet Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more. Fused Metal Product Data Sheet Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more.

Cladding (construction)

Bonded Metal Product Data Sheet Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more. Bonded Quartz Product Data Sheet Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more. ViviChrome Chromis Product Data Sheet Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more.

ViviChrome Scribe Product Data Sheet Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more. ViviGraphix Graphica Product Data Sheet Detailed product information, including finishes, patterns, sizes, applications and more.The AW Shiplap cladding system combines the natural beauty of wood with the capabilities of aluminum. APROWOOD has innovated the architectural industry with aluminum wall cladding systems made to look like wood but function like aluminum.

Not only is it easier to use than wood, but it also safer, stronger, and greener. Wood panels are the best architectural solution for the structure of any building, whether it be for a home, apartment complex, or commercial building. APROWOOD cladding systems combine modern technology with enhanced durability and aesthetically pleasing designs to create gorgeous exteriors that were built to last.

RESYSTA - The better wood

The shiplap panels slide right into place and are secured in place by friction. Ultimately eliminating the need for screws, rivets, and caulking. Minimizing the number of pieces involved in the installation process leads to cheaper and simple installation projects from start to finish.

The system is also inherently green. To avoid any degree of color variation, we recommend using the production line prepared samples for final color and approval. That way, you get the color you want.

Premier Wood Cladding Wood panels are the best architectural solution for the structure of any building, whether it be for a home, apartment complex, or commercial building.Cladding is a non-loadbearing skin or layer attached to the outside of a home to shed water and protect the building from the effects of weather.

cladding systems pdf

It is a key element in the aesthetic appeal of the home and directly influences both building cost and property value. Initial impacts of cladding, such as embodied energy, resource depletion and recyclability, must be balanced against maintenance and durability appropriate to life span.

The primary roles of cladding are to control the infiltration of weather elements and the egress of water vapour while providing a durable, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Secondary roles can include sound and thermal insulation, fire resistance, and the capacity for cleaning in dusty, polluted or vandal prone environments. Your choice of cladding should be based on a careful assessment and prioritisation of each of these roles for each orientation of your home.

By choosing cladding materials specific to an elevation or exposure, you can often achieve the best in physical performance and aesthetics.

cladding systems pdf

West-facing gable walls are clad in durable steel, while the sun-protected north, south and courtyard walls are clad in weatherboard. In areas or elevations with high exposure to sun, wind or rain, a very different approach is required.

Cladding is typically made from wood, metal, plastic vinylmasonry or an increasing range of composite materials. It can be attached directly to the frame or to an intermediate layer of battens or spacers to prevent condensation and allow water vapour to escape. Cladding systems include horizontal or vertical boards, sheet materials or smaller overlapping panels such as shingles and tiles. Apart from aesthetic considerations, the colour of external cladding influences its capacity to absorb or reflect heat.

In most climates, it is preferable to use lighter colours or proprietary reflective finishes, especially for roofing see Passive cooling.

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Most cladding materials have a distinctive profile or texture that can create horizontal, vertical or angled patterns and shadow textures. Often a well designed blend of cladding materials can offer both a pleasing appearance and a better matching of materials to specific conditions e. Cladding selection presents an opportunity to reduce the overall environmental impact of a home by choosing environmentally preferred materials and systems.

Research indicates that external walling is the most important variable element in residential construction Treloar and Fay Research findings vary significantly because standardised methodologies and metrics are yet to be agreed or adopted, but sufficient studies have been conducted to clearly indicate the characteristics of preferred generic materials.

Life cycle assessment LCA considers the total environmental impact of a material over its life cycle including environmental emissions and depletions from the materials and the processes used to make it, maintain it, and dispose of or recycle it at the end of its life. While rigorous LCA of various materials at a generic level is often available, it is seldom so for individual products.

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